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DOC 001A Terms and Conditions of Sale

DOC 002A Disclaimer of Correctness of Documents

DOC 003A Software User License

DOC 004A Privacy Policy

DOC 005A Delivery Policy

DOC 006A Returns Policy

DOC 010A Engineering Change Request (ECR)

DOC 011A Project Questionaire

DOC 012A New Install Check List




iCON-1 Motion Controller Hardware data:

DOC 050 Ver 5.0 iCON-1 Technical Manual - Hardware

DOC 051A COM1 to HMI connect with  D14-01

DOC 052A ENC-1 Hex Encoder Conditioner D17-01

DOC 053A  V2I-1 Dual Voltage to Current D17-02

DOC 054A  PWM-3 Dual Voltage to PWM D17-04


DOC 060A iCON-100 HMI Mounting

Suggested Sample Circuits:

DOC 200A Power Supplies

DOC 201A AP0107 Roll former 4 x punch

DOC 202A AP0208 Y1 Y2, Proportional X,R,C,S Press brake

DOC 203A AP0202 Y1,Y2 X,R,C,S Synchro Press brake

DOC 204B AP0203 Y1,X,R,C,S Nut Stop Press brake

DOC 205A AP0201 Y1, X,R,C Press brake

DOC 206A AP0205 Apron folder Y,X, Long folder

DOC 207A Optional Axes PWM-1 D13-01

DOC 208A Optional Axes PWM-2 D13-02

DOC 209A AP0204 Servo Upstroke Y,X, Press brake

DOC 210A AP0211 Y1,Y2 X,R,C,S SIMPLE Synchro Press brake

DOC 211A AP0104 X axis/Rollformer

DOC 220A HMI Connections


iCON- 10/100 Setting to Work:

DOC 100A HMI Specification and Assembly

DOC 101D iCON Settings Hydraulic Press

DOC 102A iCON Settings Nut Stop Press

DOC 103A Pre Install Cleaner 

DOC 104A Motor Direction Change

DOC 105A Y Axis Reference Values

DOC 106A Energy Saving and Pump Control Options

DOC 107A Changing Input/output assignments from default

DOC 110A Programming Logic Functions



iCON-10 Operator Manuals

AP0103 Operator’s Manual - Roll Former, Cut to length.

AP0104 Operator’s Manual - Backgauge many options.

AP0107 Operator’s Manual  - Roll Former, Cut, 4 x Punch



AP0201 Operator’s Manual - Y+X1+X2+R Press brake

DOC 303A AP0202 Operator’s Manual- Y1+Y2+X1+X2+R+C+S+

DOC 304A AP0203 Ops - Y1 Nut Stop X+R+C+

AP0204 Operator’s Manual - Y Servo upstroke+X+R+

DOC 312A AP0205 Ops - Long folder Apron Bender+X

DOC 307A AP0208 Ops Manual - Prop Synchro Y1+Y2+R+X+

AP0209 Operator’s Manual - Y+X+R Servo 

AP0213 Operator’s Manual - Y1+Y2+Y3+X1+X2




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Video 1: Making a bend by designing the bend sequence Video 2: A walk-around navigating the screens Video 3: Bending methods part A Video 4: Bending methods part B Video 6: Running a job using the run screens




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