System Electronics

SYSTEM ELECTRONICS Pty. Ltd. was founded by Ralph Krantz in 1981. After spending the previous 10 years working around the world for US multinationals it was time offer the market some new ideas. The business would concentrate on precision measurement and control systems with the research and development functions well financed to provide a new range of automation products for the Australian market. The first product line was MBC-900 Building Control System. These systems embraced the idea of energy management and minimising power costs to large building owners. Used throughout Australia up until late 1980’s.

System Electronics began motion controller design in late 1982 with the first systems controlling press brakes. Since that time System Electronics has fitted new or retrofitted over 500 press brake systems. As always the emphasis is on reliability and accuracy.

1000T x 8m Kleen Press Brake

A 1000T x 8m press brake from the KLEEN product range. From 1982 to 1990 System Electronics was the soul provider of control systems to this company. Over 200 systems were supplied to Kleen Fabricated Products of Brisbane. Running machines from 20T to 1000T. This 1000T machine is running today on a modern iCON control system

PB2 Controller

PB2 Dial Gauge Accuracy

The mainstay of the System Electronic Press control systems from 1982 to 1990.The Pb2 system was well accepted by users for ease of programming. It was well known for its reliability and accuracy. Many are still in use to today. The PB2.x versions system operated simple proportional hydraulic systems. Servo was not well in use during the early 1980’s. Repeatability was still at +/-0.025mm

System Electronics Research and Development

SYSTEM ELECTRONICS Pty. Ltd. (SE) Has had to make substantial changes to its business model to overcome the strong decline in the manufacturing sector in Australia. As well as continuing research and development to invent new products and improve those existing it has been an advantage to be able to retrofit most machine tools either with SE products or with outside purchase items. System Electronics was arguably the first in the world to produce a graphics simulator interface specifically for press brake control. This work was complete in early 1985. Shown here in the development lab of the time. This is the PB4 CNC controller.

750T Pacific Press Brake

SYSTEM ELECTRONICS Pty. Ltd. (SE) works to this day in the retrofit market. Shown left side are the before and after shots of a 750T Pacific press brake. This machine was totally rebuilt. Only the steel was kept. New Bosch servo hydraulics was fitted and the graphical PB4 system was commissioned. It was fitted with a X1 /X2 megga backgauge to complement the machine’s high productivity. Its used is to press 5mm ms. For the power poles and guard rails on motor ways. The project date was 1990. This machine is still working today


Retrofits by System Electronics

Retrofits by System Electronics

System Electronics Pty. Ltd. Has completed hundreds of retrofit systems onto press brakes. SE controllers have been installed in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, UK, Eastern Europe and others. SE made contact with Asian manufacturers over the years but could not compete on price. This early iCON monochrome system (left) was the start of the efforts to develop price competitive control systems for the OEM manufacturer. We believe that this has now been achieved with the release of the iCON-PC full colour system.


Other iCON applications by System Electronics

Multi-Axis Guilotine AP0206

CNC multi axis guillotine see application AP0206-PC

Slitter Folder AP0205

CNC Slitter Folder see application for Long Folder AP0205-PC

Duct Maker AP0210

Rectangle Duct maker see application for Duct Maker AP0210-PC

Roll Former AP0103

Roll Former with cut list optimisation see application for Rollformer AP0103-PC or AP0107-PC with Quad punching


What SE Engineers Do For Fun

Hovercraft AP0301

Hovercraft “Fly by Wire” control The iCON is a true 6 axis control system capable of receiving and outputing signals at high rates and to very exacting tolerances. This hovercraft is deployed at the South/North Korean border. See AP0301F

Roll Former AP0103

System Electronics senior engineer David Pendrey pre flights a Hovercraft prior to delivery This machine is used for sight seeing around the northern coast of Australia

System Electronics Factory

System Electronics is no longer a factory engaged in manufacturing. The iCON product range hardware and software designs are developed by a dedicated professional group of engineers and technicians in tropical surroundings with best possible working conditions for them to produce the best and most enlightened product designs. ICON products are manufactured in China under strict contract terms. System Electronics personnel qualify every item to ensure conformity to the highest engineered quality. Each iCON system is numbered and tracked for the whole life of the product.