iCON-1 Motion Controller

iCON-1 Motion Controller


Serving as the motion controller, the iCON-1 motion controller is the core of the iCON product range

  1. 24VDC input, maximum 6A
  2. Selectable encoder power supply (24VDC 1A supply, 5VDC 300mA supply, or custom external supply)
  3. 16 x relay driver outputs rated at 0.15A each
  4. 16 x digital inputs
  5. RS232 port for HMI communications, auxiliary RS232 and RS485 ports
  6. 4 x high speed quadrature counters
  7. 4 x ±10v analog outputs
  8. Expansion slot capable of taking the PWD-D Expansion Card and the PWD-A Expansion Card to capability to directly drive valves, extra quadrature inputs, or high accuracy ADC inputs
  9. Integrates seamlessly with the iCON-10 and the iCON-100 HMIs

Full specifications can be found on the Documents page

The iCON-1 controller is used for out full range of applications: